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Ayam Pop ( Traditional Fried Stewed Chicken From West Sumatra )

If you're a Padang Food Lover. I bet you'll appreciate this precious recipe. I've been thinking a lot before deciding to share this secret recipe for you, remember to keep it in a safe place :)

 The dish is called Pop Chicken because cutlets of chicken are dipped and marinated in spiced juice.And then the cutlets are deep fried in very hot oil for only a few minutes ( you'll hear a loud “POP” sound when the chicken enters the oil).  

 A free-range chicken (Not Purebred or Broiler) without heads and claws, cut into 4 parts

4 cloves garlic, grated

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp lime juice

300 ml coconut water

vegetable oil

Sambal (Chili Sauce):
 2 tbsp cooking oil

4 tbsp hot water

Blended Spice:

10 pcs of red chili, boiled

12 red onions, boiled

200 g red tomatoes, boiled

10 pcs petai (stinky beans), boiled

1 tsp salt

How To:
1. Marinate chicken pieces with garlic, salt, and lime juice. Leave it for an hour to absorb.

2. Boil the coconut water, add the chicken and the seasonings used for marinating. Cook until chicken is tender and juices run out. Lift the chicken.

3. Heat oil over medium heat. Fry the chicken for a very short time, remove and drain.

4. Serve hot with chilli sauce and boiled cassava leaves.

5. Sambal: Heat the oil, saute blended spices until fragrant.

6. Add water, stir until boiling. Lift.

Enjoy... :)

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Elle said...

I just read your recipe and confuse about using coconut MILK or coconut WATER (juice) to boil the chicken?

Juandy said...

Thanks for your attention. I've corrected my post, it should be Coconut Water... :)

Elle said...

What a waste!...I didn't check your reply before going home yesterday. In the end, I ended up using coconut milk to boil the chicken, and since I thought something wasn't right, I quickly lightly fried the chicken (to kill the coconut milk smell)...anyway thanks for your quick reply...:)