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Terang Bulan / Martabak Manis (Sweet Martabak) (Indonesian Sweet Pancakes)

Martabak manis is a popular snack in Indonesia. In Jakarta and West Java, Indonesia, these sweet, thick pancakes are known as "martabak manis" ("sweet martabak"). Other Indonesians call the pancakes as "terang bulan" or "kue pinang bangka". These pancakes are also known as "apam balik" in Malaysia.
Usually made by street vendors in the evening, martabak manis are pan-cooked in a very large amount of shortening. A thin batter is poured into a specially shaped pan. After cooking, the pancake is ready to be topped: often with cheese, and/or shortening, and/or chocolate, and/or peanuts.


Ingredients for wrapper:
230 gr Self-raising flour
20 gr Tapioca Flour
375 ml Warm Milk
150gr Sugar
2 Eggs
1 pack Fermipan (instant yeast/ragi, 1 pack=11 gr)
1 tsp Baking powder

Sweet Condensed Milk
Chocolate sprinkle
Shredded tasty cheese
Coarse Ground Peanuts (optional)

  1. Mix self-raising flour, tapioca flour and sugar.
  2. Mix yeast with warm milk, stir well. Add into the flour mixture and stir until well combine.
  3. Add in the eggs one by one while stirring continuously until well combine.
  4. Close the mixture using warm wet tea towel and put it in warm place (or in warm oven) for about 20 minutes until it is bubbling on top.
  5. Divide the mixture into four. Heat a teflon skillet (20 cm diameter) with low heat, grease the skillet with margarine. Pour in one part of the mixture. Put on the lid (best using glass lid as you could see what happen inside). Cook for about 10 minutes or until the top full with holes and dry. Sprinkle some sugar, put on the lid for 5 seconds and take it away from the heat.
  6. Take out from the skillets and put onto a flat surface, grease the top with some margarine. Drizzle with sweet condensed milk, sprinkle with coarse ground peanuts, shredded cheese, chocolate sprinkle. Fold into half circle, spread the outside skin with margarine again and cut into 8 pieces.
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